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9:48am 07-10-2016
Peter Rooney
Found this after a "where are they now" article on the Gladiators. I used to train at a gym called Bojangles in Camberley, Surrey, UK. This was the mid-late 80's before Mark hit fame in the Gladiators. Mark would often come in as my trainer & friend (Max Sage) was also a friend of Mark's.

Mark would always have his Arnold Schwarzenegger encyclopedia under his arm and help me train and advise on my diet. He was a great guy and always friendly. If admin is truly in touch, please say hi to him for me.
7:20pm 09-09-2016
mark, would love to see you in more action movies like ,hard corps' - you played the character really perfect. all the best for you & greetings from germany! tom
9:27am 21-01-2015
mark you are a role model to me i have sat and watched you for all these years on Gladiators and i have got the whole gladiator set that i have had since i was one year old thanks for being a role model
2:05am 05-08-2014
Mark is my favourite actor, that's why I set up this site and will continue to run it as both an admin and a fan, always.
5:37am 18-07-2014
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